We were blessed with the most precious gift ever – Nature. It is a real remedy for all ills. It can be a true friend and a guide to man. There is magic hidden in the depth of a forest and its greenery. Irresistible fragrance of the evergreen conifers, spreading around the woods and leaves of the ancient trees, dancing in rhythm of the breeze along with birds, melodically calling their good morning songs. Jolly streams and creeks cutting their way through the rocky landscapes, covered in lichens and wild bush. Vast wetlands full of mangroves are home to many different creatures. Rain forest seems to have an intelligence of its own. Trees tall as cathedrals and a strange green light shimmering through the thick canopy of leaves, along with the heavy clouds of mist snaking across the lush foliage create the unique aroma and the mysterious atmosphere of jungle. Solely a sudden screech of a parrot or a flicker of a monkey swinging through the branches interrupts the stillness.

Encounters with the natural world are extremely beneficial. Whether wandering across fragrant woodlands, exploring dense forests, walking in grassy bush lands or trekking in misty jungles, greenery has an incredibly positive impact on our mind and healing power. It is a real medicine for the soul.