When two people meet in the middle of the world, after a yearlong wandering, in order to find each other, bring their experiences together and establish TRAVELMARBLES.

We could not be more different from each other. Yet we share a passion: Travelling. We both have itchy feet and an urge to explore the great Unknown. The insatiable appetite for discovery leads us in a path of continuous moving and learning to see the world from different perspectives.

Having tasted various types of travelling and destinations, interacted with many diverse cultures and nations and got to know numerous distinctive ways of life worldwide, we created an ultimate Globe Trotter package which covers all aspects of travelling.

TRAVELMARBLES presents travel reviews, educational and informative travel articles and a good deal of photography. We like to offer objective opinions, practical advice and useful tips, adding a little bit of personal experience and adventure, here and there, to inspire travellers and tourists.





Eva Bodova


The world was big and I was little. Yet, somehow I knew that I was going to see it all anyway. While most of my girlfriends dreamt about settling down one day, having family and lead the conventional life, I had that funny feeling deep inside, a very different kind of calling – I want to travel the whole world!

Having been born in the communist Czechoslovakia in the early 80`s did not promise much travelling for most of the residents. Still my dad was one of the very few “lucky” ones who had the opportunity to go past the strict border and see the West. Every time he returned from his business trip he would bring me stunning presents, things I had never seen before. I always wondered how would it have been If he had taken me with him some day. Perhaps, that is how I got to realise I wanted to follow in his footsteps. No one was really aware how did my father`s career affected my life and encouraged me to set out on a big journey.

And here I am ! constantly moving around the world – continuing in my life`s Odyssey. I never gave up on my dreams and since I left home as just a teenager I have always kept travelling with passion.

TRAVELMARBLES is a wonderful way to share my ventures and be a bit of help and useful advice to those who seek for it. Give some courage and inspiration or just even stimulate ones curiosity, whether an inexperienced traveller or a confident globetrotter.

As Ray Bradbury would say: “Stuff your eyes with wonder. Live as If you would drop dead in ten seconds. See the world. It is more fantastic than any dreams made or paid for in factories”.

And remember that you do not have to be rich to travel well!


Luca Valentino Bon


My Italian origin deeply influenced my nature and the values I live by;  a sense of beauty and simplicity, and quite a critical eye. I would not describe myself as a stereotype of an Italian man though. I have always aspired to travel and explore, and this intense curiosity made me get out of my comfort zone, spread my wings and fly to the other side of the world. Living in Europe, travelling in the USA, Mexico, New Zealand and Asia, and studying in Australia changed my life for good. I widened my awareness, broadened my horizons and gained an irreplaceable experience, which I would love to take advantage of in the future. Passion for artistry and creative spirit brought me to the world of photography and design.

TRAVELMARBLES means to me a great opportunity to share my knowledge and contribute to the sphere of travelling and tourism, which I highly regard and admire.

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