From endless sun-baked horizons to dense tropical rain forest and wild beaches, Australia`s greatest attraction is its natural beauty. The largest ‘island’ and the world`s smallest continent is a vivid country indeed. Harsh interior, covered with inhospitable deserts whose stark, red hues, contrasts dramatically with bright blue skies and crystalline waters that are filled rainbow-coloured coral reefs. Scattered along the coasts, its cities blend European enthusiasm for art and food with passionate love of sport and outdoors. It is the sheer vastness that gives Australia, and the diverse population – much of its character.

In January 1788, when the British Captain`s Arthur Phillip and his ship Sirius first arrived in Port Jackson – today known as the Sydney Harbour, what greeted the crew can only be imagined. The first settlers were stunned by exotic flowers and palm trees, and never seen animals. No wonder that the jaw-dropping scenery made them stay, take over the “nobody`s land” and make use of its unfolding kaleidoscope.

Much has been written about Australia, that place ‘Down Under’, and much of it is true. Yet, not many visitors know that the “Terra Nullius” had belonged to the indigenous people long before the English dropped anchor in Sydney. The Aboriginal people lived in Australia 30, 000 years prior the European colonisation. Their ancient culture is still to appreciate through many preserved rock engravings and cave paintings. Sadly, even though their beautiful legacy will stay alive forever the Aboriginal nation is frozen in myth and legend and no one will ever give them their land back…





Political system: Federal parliamentary constitutional monarchy

Capital: Canberra

Population: 24,145,600

Land area: 7,692,024 km2

Religion: Christianity, Protestantism, Hinduism, Islam

Currency: Australian dollar (AUD)

Official language: English

Drives on: Left side

Climate: Tropical and temperate

Plug type: I

Voltage: 230V

Flat White: coffee with milk

Shandy: beer or white wine mixed with a soft drink

Local beers: Victoria Bitter, Carlton Draught, Coopers, Cascade

Australian Merlot, Shiraz Cabernet: red wines

Oven roast lamb leg with root vegetables

Roast pork loin with apple sauce

Aussie BBQ – seafood, sausages, steaks, lamb ribs

Grilled Kangaroo, Emu and Crocodile steak/burger

Meat Pie

Sausage roll

Egg&Bacon Roll

Toast with Vegimite: a piece of toast buttered with a very particular yeasty spread

Anzac biscuits: muesli cookies

Lamingtons: sponge cake in a chocolate and coconut coat