“Lane Xang”, is a country once inhabited by packs of elephants grazing on large pastures of the Kingdom of Laos. In times past, herds of these giant creatures ruled the vast plains, dense rain forest and wild jungle of the empire. Under the reign of King Fa Ngum, however, they gradually got tamed, and the royal family  had used the mighty beasts as a vehicle for transport and heavy work for centuries.

Nowadays, the elephant population is dramatically decreasing and dreams of the many wildlife lovers have become pathetic. Nevertheless, Laos will always be remembered as the land of a million elephants for them having been an inseparable part of the country since the beginning.

Harmonious spirit of Laos

Laos, is a shy but joyful Buddhist country with a polite and humble nation that will quickly win one`s heart.

Most of the well-liked world destinations would probably be visited for their divine beaches, luxurious resorts, top service, maze like shopping malls, sparkling cities and the Western restaurants.

Well, you will not find those anywhere in Laos – a land free of stress and modern demands. This very special place features completely different sort of charm – the charm of purely natural world.

Just imagine… Among dusty river front stalls flecked with rainbow lanterns, you wander through the sleepy streets. Fairy lights twinkle the awnings of colonial buildings whose open shuttering reveal the chattering bustle of families inside. Smiles reflect on the water. Riverside cafes offer simple dishes to laughing, toothless fishermen. Sun-kissed travellers while away evenings with lazy conversation and no concept of time. Life here unwinds at a delightfully languid pace..

Pristine Lao Paradise

After years of political isolation and war Laos is earning cult status amongst travellers for its pristine landscapes, unspoiled culture and friendly locals. Despite increasing tourism interest, it still remains one of the Asia`s most beautiful secrets and traditional ways of life continue in the face of rapidly changing world.

The timeless appeal of Laos can be found throughout the country. From the isolated, almost inaccessible, thick jungle of the far north of Laos and its stubbornly hidden life, via the tranquil French colonial town of Luang Prabang sheltering old Buddhist traditions to the capital Vientiane, which holds the allure of a French colonial town, while in the very south, the forgotten rural villages of Four Thousand Islands master life on the legendary Mekong river.





Political system: Unitary Marxist–Leninist one-party state

Capital: Vientiane

Population: 6,803,699

Land area: 236,800 km2

Religion: Buddhism

Currency: Kip (LAK)

Official language: Lao

Climate: Tropical Monsoon

Drives on: Right side

Plug type: C,E,F

Voltage: 230V

Mak Mai Pan: Fruit juice with condensed milk

Kafeh Lao: Lao coffee (hot or iced)

Beer lao: Local beer

KhaoNiaw: Sticky rice (side)

KhaoJee: French-style baguette filled with assorted goodies

Tam MakHoong: Spicy green papaya salad

Laap: Minced meat salad with various herbs