Occupying most of the southern peninsula enclosing the bay, the Shoalhaven Coast is a territory in its own right. The sands of Jervis Bay are reputed to be some of the whitest in the world; the bay is a mecca for scuba divers, snorkelers, and water sports enthusiasts. Kangaroo Valley, the hinterland of the coastal national park, provides a tranquil sanctuary for wildlife and nature loves.

Jervis Bay is one of Australia`s top beach and holiday hubs


With romantic seaside towns, white-sandy beaches, rocky bays and coves and emerald waters that are dotted with sails and yachts, Jervis Bay much resembles any of the Mediterranean islands.

The calm waters of Jervis Bay are ideal for sailing and yachting

Huskisson is a bustling village with a history of the boat building and fishing industries, and a popular holiday destination boasting restaurants, cafes and holiday tour operators. Many different cruises are available, typically offering dolphin watching and sunset penguin viewing.

There are several campgrounds in the national park and plenty of walking tracks and good swimming conditions at Cave Beach, Murrays Beach and Green Patch.

Surfers and all water sports lovers will find their heaven at the iconic Culburra Beach and Mollymook Beach.

NOTE you will need to purchase a Jervis Bay National Park pass to be allowed to enter the park ($11/day/vehicle). Boating and camping fees apply in reserve.

Hyams Beach was proclaimed the world`s whitest beach by the Guinness World Records


  • Hyams Beach – the world`s whitest beach according to the Guinness World Records
  • Green Patch Campground –  there is excellent camping and bushwalking, try the popular coastal Bristol Point Walk
  • Murrays Beach and Cave Beach – ideal for swimming, paddleboarding, and birdlife spotting
  • Culburra Beach and Mollymook Beach – epic surfing beaches on their northern reefs
  • Beecroft Headland/Abrahams Bossom Trek – a 9 km long coastal easy walk through sandstone cliffs with magnificent views
  • Currarong – good camping & boating (don`t skip the uniquely shaped Honeymoon Bay)
  • Huskisson – take a dolphin-watching cruise or a whale watching tour (May-Nov)
Honeymoon Bay is one among the most picturesque in Jervis Bay


George Evans once described it as “a view which no painter could beautify,” and indeed, Kangaroo Valley set between Cambewarra and Barrengarry Mountains presents the scenic beauty of pastures with cattle browsing against a background of jagged mountains.

The road from Fitzroy Falls offers breathtaking views of the fern, and palm-filled valleys open up at every turn. Cambewarra Lookout, almost as spectacular, reaches far out to the sea.

The historic township of Kangaroo Valley is a pleasant collection of craft shops and studios, tea rooms, old farmhouses and cottages and it is proud of the oldest suspension bridge in Australia.

Hampden Bridge takes pride in being the oldest suspension bridge in Australia


  • Take a stroll down the old town and find the Hampden Bridge – the oldest suspension bridge in the country
  • Explore the countryside of Kangaroo Valley – there are more than enough activities to do, e.g., Safari, canoeing, buggy rides, orchard tours and Arabian horse riding (bookings available in the visitor’s centre)
  • Pioneer Farm Museum Homestead – learn more about the life of the early settlers, pioneering farm equipment and history of the region
  • Tourist Scenic Drive – drive around the Cambewarra and Barrengarry Mountains with many lookouts, waterfalls and walking tracks
  • Fitzroy Falls – the 81-metre waterfall is a popular tourist stopping point with fantastic views
Fitzroy Falls, Kangaroo Valley


The best time to visit Jervis Bay and the Kangaroo Valley is late summer and autumn (Feb-May) when the temperatures are still pleasant, and the peak season is over.


Fly to Sydney

Drive from Sydney to Huskisson, following the southern coastline: Jervis Bay (2 hrs), Kangaroo Valley (2 hrs)

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