A triumphant and forward-looking city, Kuala Lumpur vibrantly accommodates the traditional Malay, Chinese and Indian cultures with the buzz of a thriving industry. Reaching the capital of Malaysia instantly impresses by the charming blend of tradition and innovation. This is the place where to admire the natural beauty of the tropics, quirky colonial buildings, warm and friendly locals, but also shiny skyscrapers and futuristic architecture.

It is said that Kuala Lumpur still has got the authenticity that has been wiped out in Singapore, yet it lacks the pollution and congestion of Bangkok. Indeed, Kuala Lumpur is ‘Little Asia’, merging fundamental features of the continent. The fragrance of durian and curry spread along the lazy breeze, and the dripping humidity reflects in slow motion that amplifies the laid-back atmosphere of the city.

Citizens of Kuala Lumpur surely know how to relax, be it enjoying the Halal street food, bargain-hunting for fashion and electronic gadgets in the air-conditioned shopping malls or wading in the rooftop infinity pools. Smiley, worry-free faces picnicking at the lake gardens among tropical flowers, birds and butterflies, topped off by a balmy banquet and good-natured haggling at the lively night markets manifest the supreme Asian character.