Although South Australia is the driest state in the continent, there are always anomalies, and this region has a share of them. In contrast to the hostile desert, there are green valleys dotted with historical wineries that produce some of the best wines in Australia and farmyards breeding high-quality horses and cattle. Naturally, agriculture, fishing, and mining are the major industries in the state, and this is precisely where the Wagyu beef and the best Australian seafood comes from. Apart from these appeals, there aremany extraordinary natural wonder along the Limestone Coast, including dinosaur fossil sites, limestone caves, historic towns, unique volcanic places and unusual diving sites.

Adelaide – the capital city, takes pride in being the capital of South Australia and its nickname “City of Churches” indicates strong European influence. Indeed, Germans, Italians, and British settled here in the 19th century to build a pretty town filled with culture and friendly hospitality. Besides, the city likes to call itself a “Festival City” for hosting the largest number of cultural and entertainment evens in Australia.

Travelling in the SA Outback can be a risky business but a worthwhile one. There is no such place on Earth where you can encounter underground cities, desert towns, dry salt lakes and the world`s largest uranium and copper mines as well as some of the world`s most magnificent opals.

The western portion of the coast, on the contrary, boosts moisture and wildlife. The Southern Ocean is a sanctuary to the whales, dolphins, seals, and sharks and the mainland is home to kangaroos, emus, wombats, and other native fauna.

From baby whales playing in the Great Australian Bight, alluring beaches of the Kangaroo Island, the  marvellous Limestone Coast and red rock formations in the Outback to the legendary Adelaide Arts Festival and supreme wines of the Barossa Valley, South Australia is a state made for exploring.



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