Take a detour from Crete, Rhodos, and Santorini and find the idyllic island of Milos in the Aegean Sea. Milos is one of the less known islands of the Cyclades yet famous for the Greek goddess Aphrodite.

Fairly untouched, the island enjoys tranquillity and seclusion close to perfection. You won`t find upscale resorts, 5-star restaurants, and nightlife. Instead, ultimate solitude and peace spread across the island.

Tsigrado Cove is the highlight; one of the marvellous coves in Greece that can only be accessed via a steep, narrow passage dug in the rock, rope and a wooden ladder. For even more seclusion take a trip to the nearby uninhabited isle of Antimilos.

Tsigrado Cove, Milos Island, Greece


Completely unspoiled and natural, the Padulella Beach is the place to be if looking for privacy. There are not many beaches of this kind in Europe, and the Italian island of Elba is lucky to own one of the last Mediterranean secrets – protected by the limestone cliffs of Capo Bianco.

At low tide, you can walk along Spiaggia di Capo Bianco or Spiaggia Padulella (from the other end) to reach Capo Bianco where sand is whiter than snow and as fine as flour, and it beautifully contrasts with the azure, crystal-clear sea.

Elba is the ‘Pearl of Tuscany’ and an easy destination – you can fly from Pisa (less than one hour) or catch a ferry from Corsica (1.5 hr).

Spiaggia di Capo Bianco, Elba, Italy


Although rated as ‘The Best Beach in Europe 2016,’ Stiniva Beach is still little visited, for being situated on the furthest inhabited island off the Croatian mainland – Vis. It is hard to say if Vis is the place where the best beaches in Europe are, what`s for sure, it is one of the most picturesque isles in the Adriatic Sea.

Stiniva Plaza is a secluded cove nestled amid high cliffs, and you will need to climb down a steep dirt track to get there. There are myriads of footpaths in the areas that lead to other isolated coves which are otherwise only accessible by boat.

The surrounding offshore islands of Ravnik and Bisevo provide more hidden bays, lagoons, caves, and caverns – take a tour from Visa to enjoy the spectacle!

Stiniva Bay, Vis, Croatia


’La Bella Sardinia’ – effortlessly magnificent and timeless, the Mediterranean island has gained extreme popularity, and in high summer it gets packed with tourists. However, if travelling outside the busiest months (Jul-Aug), one will find plenty of empty strands and secluded bays.

Cala Goloritze is one of them. White cliffs and pinnacles fringe the coastline of the Gulf of Orosei, hiding lots of small beaches. The breathtaking scenery at Cala Goloritze was created by a landslide, and the beach can be only reached by boat or on foot via a steep, narrow path.

Cala Goloritze, Sardinia, Italy


Overshadowed by its sister islands of Gran Canaria, Tenerife, and Fuerteventura, Lanzarote is a humble destination, yet it is home to the most secluded beaches in the Canary Islands.

For untamed surroundings, emerald waters and soft, golden sand, El Papagayo Playa is a little paradise and one of the best beach locations on the island. The enclosed bay is well-protected from winds and swells, and it is ideal for swimming and basking in the sun.

Those who are keen on some adventure can stay at the nearby campground and enjoy a sunset swim in the Atlantic Ocean.

El Papagayo Playa, Lanzarote, Spain


It is hard to imagine Germany to be a beach destination. In fact, the country takes pride in a striking more than 50-meter high red-cliffed coast on the island of Sylt, in the North Sea.

One can easily recognize the beach between Kampen and Wenningstedt from the sea, but it is largely invisible from inland as hidden behind the grass-covered coastal dunes. To create the total hideaway and a distinctive character of the strand, locals came up with an original idea – to place ‘strandkorbs’ (hooded beach chairs) all over the beach.

‘Das Rote Kliff’ is well-known among the German elite, and it has the reputation of an exquisite celebrity hotspot. Although the resort won`t be cheap one will surely find privacy and seclusion.

Kampen Rotes Kliff, Sylt, Germany


Corsica is a popular summer location not just for the Europeans, and between July and August the island fills up with travellers and holidaymakers. The offshore archipelago of Lavezzi, near Bonifacio, is Corsica`s best-kept secret.

The granite islands are fringed with reefs and hide empty bays, lagoons, and paradisiacal beaches, e.g., Cala Acciarino. There are no facilities and the only access to the Lavezzi Islands is by boat. Whether you have your own yacht or take a tour from either Sardinia or Corsica you will surely not leave disappointed – Iles Lavezzi is a virgin paradise!

Cala Acciarino, Iles Lavezzi, France


Maybe less visited than its busy neighbours of Majorca and Ibiza but surely not less beautiful – Menorca is a fabulous isle in the Balearic Sea. The greatest attraction is surely Menorca`s coastline.

From endless stretches and sandy crescents to rocky bays and calm emerald seas, there are so many beaches to choose from. Untouched by mass tourism, Calla Mitjaneta is an outstanding alternative for the deserted-beach lovers.

More a cove than a beach, the undisturbed, crystal-clear lagoon literally invites to have a dip. To avoid the busiest season and find the flowers at their bloomiest, the best time to visit is between April and June.

Calla Mitjaneta, Menorca, Spain


If heading to Cyprus and looking for a holiday location without umbrellas and armchairs dotting the strands, you should consider Akamas. Perhaps not the fanciest but pristine – the Akamas Peninsula is a fantastic beach spot for those who are after the serene environment and natural beauty.

Beaches in Akamas offer enough space for everybody, and there is so much to do; from Baths of Aphrodite through rugged cliffs and deep gorges to blissful lagoons and turtle sanctuaries, the peninsula provides an awesome getaway from the overcrowded southern beaches of Cyprus.

While the Lara Beach is great for wild camping and a bit of adventure the Blue Lagoon is said to be the ‘Heaven on Earth’. Indeed, the lagoon could easily embody one.

The Blue Lagoon, Akamas Peninsula, Cyprus


Whereas Malta mostly appeals to holidaymakers seeking for nightlife and luxury, the isolated Comino is rather defined by rural beauty and scenic seascapes.

The island offers a lovely escape from the civilized world, particularly if explored on foot or a bicycle. Comino`s rugged coast features limestone cliffs, caves, and caverns that once were popular with pirates. The cyan waters of the Blue Lagoon are often dotted with yachts and sails, and the visitors can enjoy both fine grains of sand and rocks to bask on.

Don`t skip a day trip to the Dwejra Bay in Gozo – the famous Blue Hole is one of the best shore snorkelling and diving sites in Europe. Unfortunately, the photographers` highlight and the famous Game of Thrones scene – the Azure Window – collapsed in March 2017 and there is just the Blue Hole left to enjoy.

The Azure Window & Blue Hole, Gozo, Malta (before March 2017)

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