Safari World is an attraction that will surely fill up a family day. The complex has two sections – the Animal Park and Marine Park.

While the astonishing aquarium Sea Life Bangkok Ocean World presents an underwater wonderland, the Animal Park offers daily lion and tiger feeding shows, water skiing, dolphin & sea lion performances, polar bear feeding, cowboy stunts and incredible orang-utan boxing.

Visitors can drive their own vehicle or take a safari mini-couch through the eight km-long wilderness path. Top it all up with Spy War Show & the Jungle Cruise, and you can be sure to leave Bangkok with some unforgettable memories!

Bangkok Safari World


The Snake Farm is part of an institute that specialises in research of snake venom – Thailand is home to more than 60 venomous snakes, including the spitting cobra. Set up to produce anti-venom serum for nor rarely snake-bitten victims nationwide, it is an excellent sanctuary with informative and educational displays, many different breeds of vipers, cobras, kraits and thrilling Cobra shows every day.

Bangkok Snake Farm


Dusit Zoo is the oldest zoo in Thailand and a popular family destination in Bangkok with lots of educational and amusement facilities. The animal park has an animal hospital, zoo museum and educational centre and it features a lovely sightseeing terrain, lots of activities and a food court.

More than 1.500 species live in the zoo, including the Bengal Tigers, and the visitors can enjoy various feeding sessions throughout the day. Moreover, the zoo is surrounded by important landmarks such as the Throne Hall, Thai Parliament and the Royal Residence.

Dusit Zoo, Bangkok


A little fairyland is to be experienced at the Butterfly Garden in Bangkok. Vast, lofty enclosures with rockeries, shady ferns, exotic flowers and refreshing waterfalls dotted with radiant insects are to be expected – and the best thing is that you can walk through this little paradise!

Bangkok Butterfly Garden


A popular aquatic complex is situated underneath the glitzy Siam Paragon Mall, and this spectacular underground aquarium is one of the largest in Asia. The Siam Ocean World features innovative, world-class exhibits and more than 30.000 different sea-creatures from all over the globe; from the Amazon through the Jurassic era to the deadliest ocean predators – all that can be enjoyed in the 27-degree underwater tunnel or a glass-bottom boat.

The Siam Ocean World, Bangkok


The Samutprakarn Crocodile Farm is proud of holding the world`s largest crocodile in captivity – the 6 m long Yai. The world`s largest crocodile farm is known for crocodile wrestling, acrobatic elephant shows but more importantly for the keepers putting their heads into crocodiles mouth without being bitten – well, most of the times! The place also serves as an education and research centre for wildlife and conservation.

Samutprakarn Crocodile Farm, Bangkok

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