If you want to discover the Grampians, consider that they can be reached from the East – Melbourne, or the west – Adelaide, by a vehicle. Driving from Melbourne, however, might be more appealing. The road takes the travellers through many interesting places, and there is one you should definitely stop by – Ballarat. The town`s history is tied to gold and made more prominent by the Eureka Stockade rebellion.

"Breathtaking scenery along the Central Grampians Scenic Drive, with mountain ranges and vibrant landscapes."
The Grampians National Park offers fantastic scenic drives and ample outdoor activities


Ballarat has been re-created and turned into an even more glorious place; well-preserved historic buildings classified by the National Trust, gorgeous gardens, art galleries, museums, vibrant city centre and great accommodation choice.

There are countless attractions for families and children and fascinating sites for all history admirers in this prosperous regional city that has become a popular weekend destination for both the Australians and foreign visitors.

"Historic town of Ballarat, reflecting its rich gold mining heritage and well-preserved architectural beauty."
The historic mining town of Ballarat is a popular family destination


  • Sovereign Hill – the most famous attraction (open-air museum)
  • Eureka Centre – Museum of Australian Democracy, Visitors and Information Centre
  • Main Historic Sites: Avenue of Honour, Arch of History, Old Cemetery with Eureka Graves, Heritage Rail Station, Kryal Castle, Craig`s Hotel
  • Museums and Galleries: Aviation Museum, Tram Museum, Gold Museum, Art Gallery, Her Majesty`s Theatre
  • Natural Walks: Lake Wendouree, Botanical Gardens and Observatory, Black Hill Reserve, North Gardens
  • Purpose Built Attractions: Ballarat Ghost Tours, Gold Panning Tours, Ballarat Wildlife Park, Ballarat Bird World
Gold Panning Tours are among the favourite in Ballarat


The Grampians National Park is one of the most magnificent nature reserves in Australia and one of the most photographed ones. The unspoiled region attracts nature admirers and mountaineers as there are countless options for outdoor activities. On your journey, you don’t really discover the Grampians, unless you have a stop here.

A large network of walking and mountain biking trails throughout the park allows the visitors to explore cascading waterfalls, seasonal wildflowers, and enjoy panoramic views. Boulderers and rock climbers travel to the Grampians all year round, for the national park provides excellent conditions, even for experts.

The Grampians provide countless options for outdoor activities and sports

For food and wine lovers, there are lovely estates with cellar doors that will please all gourmets.

Motorists can enjoy numerous scenic drives with spectacular lookouts, fans of water sports have plentiful lakes and rivers to choose from and try some water skiing, kayaking, canoeing, boating or fishing, and for those who are after some history and art the area has a rich Aboriginal Heritage and some important rock art sites.

The Grampians National Park offers a fantastic holiday package for any traveller and holidaymaker.

The Bluff Lookout, Mackenzie Falls in the Grampians


Halls Gap is the major holiday hub in the Grampians and a great base for all trip in throughout a year. Whether travelling from Adelaide or Melbourne, the getaway to Halls Gap is Stawell. This old gold-rush town is worth to stop by before heading to Halls Gap, for its gold mining heritage sites.

Right after entering the national park, the drivers will be rewarded by the impressive scenery, as the road leads through the so-called “Wonderland Area.” Halls Gap truly is a wonderland for every nature enthusiast.

Located in the beautiful Fyans Valley, it is rather a smallish town within the reserve with various accommodation options and good facilities, including the visitor’s centre, shops, cafes, restaurants, campgrounds and picnic grounds and frequent events. 

"Scenic view of Halls Gap, nestled in the heart of the Grampians, surrounded by natural wonders and wildlife."
Halls Gap is the epicentre of tourism in the Grampians National Park, Fyans Valley


  • Scenic Driving/Cycling:  The Central Grampians Scenic Drive (up to 1-hour loop drive) covers the main natural attractions and lookouts (Halls Gap-Elephants Hide-Boroka Lookout-Reed Lookout-the Balconies-Mackenzie Falls-Halls Gap). The route can be extended by Lake Bellfield-Moora Moora Reservoir (via Serra Rd)-Zumsteins (via Rose Creek Rd)-Wartook Reservoir (via Mt Difficult Rd)-Halls Gap(via Mt Victory Rd) that can be easily completed in 1 day
  • Mountain Biking: Heatherlie Quarry, Black Ranges, Halls Gap, Langi Ghiran, Mt Arapiles, Mt William, Lake Bellfield
  • Rock Climbing: Mt Arapiles, The Gallery, Muline Cave, Summer Day Valley, Taipan Wall, Mt Rosea, Bundaleer, Watch Tower, Chimney Post, Rose Gap
  • Camping: Halls Gap, Zumsteins, Mirranatwa (numerous Holiday Parks, Motor Camps and wild campsites throughout the entire national park)
  • Wildlife: there are many farms and a small Zoo in Halls Gap, and the characteristic Australian fauna is to be seen throughout the reserve, including emus, kangaroos, wallabies that graze on the plains and meadows.  Especially, in springtime, when the wildflower carpets cover the whole reserve, the scenery is fabulous
  • Water Sports: Lake Wartook, Lake Fyans, Lake Bellfield, Taylors Lake (canoeing, kayaking and fishing), Green Hill Lake, Lake Beaufort, Lake Hamilton, Lake Bolac (water skiing and boating)
  • Culture and history: Brambuk Aboriginal Cultural Centre, Manja and Billimina  Art Centre, Aboriginal Art Sites, Food and Wine Tours, Grampians Food and Wine Festival (May)
Brambuk Aboriginal Cultural Centre, Halls Gap


1. Starting at the Halls Gap township:  Fyans Creek Loop (2.5 km/1 hr return), Venus Bath Loop (2km/30 min return,) Boronia Peak (8 km/ 3 hrs return), Chautauqua Peak (5.6 km/2hrs return), Clematis Falls (2.4 km/1 hr return), The Pinnacle Lookout (7 km/3 hrs return)

2.Starting at the Sundial car park/near Halls Gap: the Pinnacle (4km/1-2 hrs return), Sundial Peak (4 km/ 1-2 hrs return), Silent Street Loop (3 km/1 hr loop), Viewpoint (4.5 km/2 hrs return)

3. Other popular trails within the national park: Mt Sturgeon (7km/3 hrs return), Mt Wiliam (3.6 km/1.5 hrs return), Mt Abrupt (6.3 km/3 hrs return)

The Pinnacle Lookout (4km/1-2 hrs return) is the iconic hike in the Grampians


The Central Grampians Scenic Drive is perfect for travellers who are tight on time, and wish to explore the region in a day or two, but also cyclists. The circuit takes about 1 hour, and it covers the major natural attractions and lookouts in the national park.

Start in the township of Halls Gap and let the road takes you through striking landscapes and lookouts, including Boroka Lookout, Reed Lookout, the Balconies, MacKenzie Falls, Zumsteins, Silverband Falls, Splitters Falls and Halls Gap.

The route can be extended by Lake Bellfield, Moora Moora Reservoir (via Serra Rd), Zumsteins (via Rose Creek Rd), Wartook Reservoir (via Mt Difficult Rd), Halls Gap (via Mt Victory Rd) and it can be easily completed in 1 day.

If you like hitting the road, don’t miss out on our article on The Great Ocean road, an unmissable experience if you are driving Australia.

"The majestic Wannon Falls near Hamilton in the Southern Grampians, cascading amidst lush vegetation."
The Wannon Falls near Hamilton, Southern Grampians


The Grampians National Park is a relatively small, area that can be explored in a few days, including bushwalking and tours.

Many holidaymakers stay for a week or two but if you are only passing by 2-3 days will be just perfect.


The best time to visit the Grampians is summer (pleasant temperatures, swimming, bushwalking, and good views). However, to avoid crowds try not to travel during the Australian summer school holidays (mid-Dec-early Feb) and summer weekends.

We believe that the ideal time to visit is Mar-May and Sep-Nov.

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