The fertile, diverse highland barrier between the Savu and Flores Seas, forms one of the most staggering landscapes in the Indonesian archipelago. The volcanic spine of the Flores Island soars to 2500 m and the torrential rain falls result in an extraordinary lushness that marks this land apart from its scorched neighbours.

This is not the only difference, though. The religious orientation on Flores, surrounded by its Islamic, Hindu, Buddhist and Animist siblings, is a puzzle – most of the population are Catholic. Perhaps, this is the legacy left behind by the Portuguese traders together with the beautiful name, the island got given – Flores, which means “flowers” in Portuguese.

Nevertheless, Flores is still a large part of Nusa Tenggara and similarly to its sister-islands of Lombok, Sumba or Sumbawa, life here turns around weaving the finest ikat, fishing and worshipping the ancestors and their ancient beliefs. Flores is a domain of mystical cultures and peculiar customs but also untold natural splendour. The imposing cones of volcanoes and impressive underwater coral gardens are like magnets for tourism. Flores has rightfully become the favourite tourist destination across Nusa Tenggara.

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