Called by many the “ultimate island”, this enchanting destination boasts year-around ideal temperatures, and the Balinese are a delightfully cordial people. Everywhere there are flowers… jasmine, hibiscus, orchids and frangipani, of course. The attractive scent of rice and spreading across the paddy fields and adoring temples. Music rings out across the isle, often support of the famous Balinese dancers. It seems like nothing is missing here. Bali is just a “dot” in the middle of the Indonesian Archipelago, compared to its surrounding sibling islands. Remarkably, it is the most diverse isle in the entire Indonesia – home to four different religions that are reflected in the sacred architecture, local art and cuisine. For its picturesque rice terraces, imposing volcanoes towering over the blessed temples, bountiful seas and friendly nation, Bali was awarded the World`s Best Island. Some people even believe that Bali is a magical place where one`s dreams will come true..