Strikingly beautiful, with sugar-white, powdery sand lapped by warm, brilliant-blue waters, the Gilis is a magnet for tourists from every corner of the world. More isles than islands, these three little dots in the Bali Sea, truly manifest a paradise. While Gili Trawangan, the largest one, has the image of a “party island”, the smallest Gili Meno is well-known as a honeymoon hot spot and the Gili Air offers a mix of the two, adding a subtle hippy feel.

 Cars are prohibited on the Gili Islands, there is no need to worry about traffic at all. The only means of transport is the foot, either using a bicycle or walking. The Gili Islands might be tiny and the smallest islet can be walked around in just a couple of hours, yet none of the visitors will ever get bored here. With magnificent surroundings, peaceful atmosphere, unhurried lifestyle and the phenomenal underwater scenery the islands provide delightful sanctuaries. The idyllic trio of Gili atolls is rightfully Indonesia`s best escape destination.