Made up of wetlands, dry red soil and rugged mountains, Northern Territory is a place quite tough to live at. Added to this is the considerable distance must be travelled to reach the major attractions. Only a few roads are sealed and without a 4WD one would not survive.

The capital city, Darwin – more a town than a city, welcomes the visitors with a friendly, relaxed atmosphere and a steamy tropical climate.

Indigenous people had been living here happily thousands of years before the first Europeans arrived. And not only people. This relatively untouched part of Australia is a paradise for wildlife, especially crocodiles. The UNESCO recognized Kakadu and Lichfield National Parks are the highlights of the region with their billabongs, waterfalls, tropical rivers and jumping crocs. Further down, Katherine Gorge is an ancient site of a great significance for the Aboriginal people and their culture.

In the red centre of the state, the landscape dramatically changes and turns into a hostile desert. Spectacular canyons, rocky cliffs, Devils Marbles and ranges of monolithic rocks come to sight. This is the heart of Australia – Alice Springs. Perhaps, there would not be anything special about this place if not Uluru. The legendary Ayers Rock is the world`s largest rock monolith and a sacred site for the Aboriginal people.

Northern Territory is considered to be “the most Australian” state that combines the iconic elements of the country and offers an ultimate Australian experience.

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