Singapore. A wealthy business metropolis and a global financial centre are one of the top expensive cities, reasonably associated with luxurious shopping malls, fine dining restaurants, fancy hotels and lavish resorts, prestigious yacht clubs and prominent pool parties; a paradise for the rich. Business magnates and tycoons would name it “The Switzerland of Asia”, and Singapore is proudly an opulence on a grand scale.

The city-state of Singapore gained its independence in 1965 and it is one of the youngest and with its population of 5.5 million, also one of the smallest countries in the world. This tiny, yet strategically-located island takes up only 720 square kilometres of the Malay Peninsula. Often called “The Little Red Dot”, due to its size and how it appears on the map – a red dot, surrounded by many, historically and geographically, much larger countries. Although the size and the age of Singapore are not outstanding, the country has earned large popularity in a fairly short period of time.

Singapore was also given a title “The City of Future”, for innovative architecture sites and distinctive, futuristic appearance. The phenomenal Marina Bay Sands complex along with the Gardens by the Bay is a perfect example of the experimental, ultra-modern perspective of the city design.

Singapore`s tropical setting, not far from the equator, only amplifies its charm and makes it be an ideal destination for an exotic getaway. Sentosa Island is perhaps the favourite amongst holidaymakers. Its well-groomed beaches fringed by resorts, beach bars and restaurants attract many couples to spend their honeymoon in this paradise. Families commonly visit Sentosa in order to enjoy the famous Universal Studios instead.

For those who are fond of culture and history, “Singapura” has plenty to offer. “The City of Lions” is just another epithet linked with Singapore and it refers to the past. Exploring the Chinatown, Little India or the Arab Street will highlight a completely different side of the city, such the weirdest street food, dazzling markets, a mosaic of cultures and places of worship, and it reveals the authentic way of life, which has been lived here for centuries, long before modern Singapore was founded.

Singapore is a melting pot of cultures and well-trodden junction by travellers, which gives the city a unique character. “The Little Red Dot” is an exceptionally diverse place, presenting many different faces, where each of them will leave one amazed.

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Political system: Unitary parliamentary republic

Capital: Singapore

Population: 5,535,000

Land area: 719.1 km2

Religion: Buddhism, Islam, Hinduism, Christianity

Currency: Singapore Dollar(SGD)

Official language: English, Malay, Tamil, Mandarin

Climate: Tropical Rainforest

Drives on: Left side

Plug type: C,G,M

Voltage: 230V

Bubble tea

Milo shake

Sugarcane juice

Bandung: Milk and rose water shake

The Tarik: Black tea and milk

Tiger beer

Singapore sling: Gin base cocktail

Hainanese Chicken with sticky rice

Fish head Curry with bread

Chilli Crab

Oyster omelette

Laksa soup: Rice noodles in spicy coconut curry

Hokkien Prawn Mie: Prawn fried noodles with sambal sauce

Car Kwetiau: Fried noddles with fish and soy sauce

Satay: Skewered grilled meat with rice cake, peanut sauce and chilli relish



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