Sulawesi, once known as Celebes, is one of the largest islands in the world and it comprises four peninsulas radiating from a mountainous crater. It is famous for dramatic topography, impressive coral reefs and famed diving sites but also strong Dutch colonial heritage.

This spider-shaped island with its wrinkly arms spreading out into the sea is an extraordinary place and step back in time. Apart from its beautiful landscape and breathtaking scenery, the island is home to Christian and Muslim religions, but more importantly, it cloaks one of the world`s most remarkable animist site – a place where death is celebrated in quite a particular way…

Sulawesi is an island of various cultures and tribes, and the indigenous people continue to maintain superstitious beliefs and practise eerie ceremonies, where live beings are sacrificed. This is the island of bizarre cemeteries, skull bones and skeletons.

Destination Sulawesi will surely be on a bucket list of every adventurer who loves nature, seeks for some excitement and is up for a challenge. Here you will encounter raw beauty, cross mountains and smoking volcanoes, find yourself on deserted beaches and discover some of the world`s best diving spots, get to know remote tribal cultures.

Sulawesi is a place where to enjoy the beauty and exhilaration, and a sense of fright while walking through the creepy jungles and ravines surrounded by skeletons. Yes – one will definitely go back in time.

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