Also called the “Apple Isle” or “Little New Zealand” ,Tasmania was named after the Dutch explorer Abel Tasman who was the first European sighted the island in 1642. Most of the state is relaxed and quiet in the atmosphere, and it resembles England`s countryside with its stone cottages, small country towns, artisan markets and cute shops selling the local handicraft and home-made products.

A triangular island lying off the southeast coast of Australia, Tasmania has a large, wondrous eucalyptus forest that counts among its denizens such colourful birds, bees, and cockatoos. The isle`s distinctive mammals and culture also play an important role, not least the very fine symphony orchestra.

Being the most southerly of all Australian regions, Tasmania`s climate is considerably cooler than the rest of the country. That creates ideal conditions for farming, horticulture, and viticulture. Travelling around the island is an easy trek, and there are many local goodies to sample; wines, dairy products and seafood of the highest quality.

Tasmanians are also proud of their staggering national parks, ski fields, unexplored wilderness, native wildlife, inlets and myriads of bays filled with abundant marine life. And there are many other secrets awaiting to be unlocked, among which the extraordinary images of the Aurora Australis and Glowing Plankton can be amired if one is in the right place at the right time…


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