Endless. Inexhaustible. Astounding. Western Australia embodies vastness on a grand scale. Many European countries, in fact, most of Western Europe could physically fit into the state. Only ten per cent of the Australian population inhabits this massive piece of land, which opens up more space for wilderness and adventure.

Like many other parts of the continent, Western Australia is full of contrasts. From infinite bright-red Outback deserts stuffed with gold to the fertile land in the Margaret River covered ancient trees, wildflowers, and fine grapes, the country stretches across six different climate zones. Western Australia is home to an abundant fauna and marine life. This is a place where to find the world`s whitest sands, some of the best surfing beaches, and the notorious Great Whites are an omnipresent threat for water sports lovers. Four wheel driving and bush camping is a must-do for every local, and hat and sunscreen are essential parts of everyday life.

Besides, this is the territory literally stuffed with precious minerals, diamonds, and goldfields where ochre-coloured earth and giant rock formations define the landscapes. The ancient Aboriginal civilization has many areas of major significance located throughout Western Australia that has always been associated with the indigenous culture.

Perth is the capital of WA, and it is the second most isolated city in the world. Due to its Mediterranean climate, unhurried lifestyle and very good flight connection to Asia, it is paradoxically one of the most liveable cities in Australia.

The ‘Wild West’ of the Australian continent is undoubtedly a place to experience the once-in-a-lifetime adventure. And the good thing is that it can be done in both ways – via a road trip or a luxurious holiday.

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