The most populous part of Australia and the most attractive state in the country as well as the most travelled one – the New South Wales. In the 18th century, when the first settlers arrived in Sydney, they were stunned by the exoticism of the Australian subtropics. No wonder that the balmy climate and jaw-dropping scenery made them stay. Founded in 1788, New South Wales is the oldest state in Australia with major business activities of tourism and commerce.

Climatic conditions range from sub-tropical to temperate or very dry and cold alpine zone which makes it attractive for the visitors all year round. The main point of interest is undoubtedly Sydney – regarded as one of the gorgeous cities in the world. The nearby Blue Mountains feature unique scenery full of eucalyptus trees, limestone caves and great walking tracks. Hunter Valley will become a favourite for all wine and cheese lovers with its picturesque vineyards and farms. Beach seekers might well fall in love with the unspoiled coastline of Byron Bay, Coffs Harbour and Port Stephens or the splendid Jervis Bay in the south, for its sugar-soft, white sand.

Passing by the capital of Australia – Canberra and heading further inland, tourists will come across the spectacular Snowy Mountains and their ski fields at the foot of the highest peak of Australia – Mount Kosciuszko. And if all this is not convincing enough the UNESCO recognised Lord Howe Island also belongs to NSW – one of the most beautiful island-escapes in the Pacific. For its diversity, delightful climate and untold natural splendour New South Wales is too easy to fall in love with, and too hard to leave.

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