Perhaps the footprints of the French from the time of colonization contribute to the capital`s elegant character. Unlike any other Southeast Asian city, Vientiane is surprisingly quiet, relaxed and very stylish. Characterised by broad, leafy boulevards and a lovely riverside promenade fringed with restaurants, the town has kind of romantic atmosphere.

Vientiane, aerial view


Laos, as part of the former French Indochina, was marked by the European heritage and strong French influence throughout the country is undeniable. Vientiane is not an exception, of course. The streets are lined with colonial buildings, cosy cafes and lovely restaurants, French schools and historic villas. One would often bump into French people, both tourists and residents.

On the other hand, Vientiane still represents the Laotian culture that is definitely not insignificant; the city is dotted Buddhist temples, pagodas and stupas, street markets and noodle shops.

The town centre is conveniently compact and it can easily be explored on foot which makes it very attractive to the independent travellers and tourist who do not like organised holidays. There is no need to take any tour for the sightseeing and no one would certainly get lost.

Statue of the last King of Laos – Chao Anouvong


1.WANDER around the city centre on foot with a camera. There are great opportunities for taking nice pictures in Vientiane. Lanes are relatively empty but full of surprises. A self-guided city tour will give you a chance to explore the main sights at your own pace and see the backstreets of Vientiane that can be very authentic.

The everyday life in Vientiane

The everyday life in Vientiane

2.HAVE your breakfast in one of the city`s French bakeries or cafes. A freshly baked croissant, made according to an old French recipe will surely make your morning!

French breakfast in South-east Asia

French breakfast in Vientiane

3.VISIT the impressive French Beaux Art-style building of the Presidential Palace and nearby built Haw Pha Kaew – once the King`s personal Buddhist temple. Several museums can be visited on a rainy day in order to learn more about the Lao history and culture.

The Presidential Palace

The Presidential Palace

4.WALK on the Lane Xang Avenue designed on French Champs Elysee and the Arc of Victory Patouxai, looking like the Paris` Arc de Triumph. The view of Vientiane from the top of the arc is spectacular!

Arc of Victory Patouxai

Arc of Victory Patouxai

5. POP into the sacred site of the splendid Wat Sisaket – the oldest temple in Vientiane. Don`t skip the national symbol – the gold-covered Buddhist stupa of Pha That Luang from the 3rd century and the black stupa of  That Dam is also worth a visit.

Pha That Luang

Pha That Luang

6.FEEL the placid vibe of evening Vientiane and enjoy Lao beer at one of the restaurants along the riverside promenade. Enjoy a wonderful sunset over the Mekong River.

Vientiane riverside promenade

7.SEARCH around the vibrant, open-air night markets of Vientiane. Hunt for some souvenirs and try some of the local street snacks!

The French baguette is widely sold throughout Laos along with the traditional Lao dishes

8.CATCH A BUS from the main bus station to get to the famous Buddha Park – Laos`s quirkiest attraction. You will find here a collection of huge concrete religious sculptures. The most engaging one is probably the enormous, 40-metre long reclining Buddha.

The Buddha park

The Buddha Park


Vientiane can be explored in 2-3 days as it is a quite small town.

It becomes a bit cooler between November and March which seems to be the best time to visit the capital of Laos – Vientiane

If you are looking for hustle and bustle, fun and nightlife, you might get disappointed. Vientiane is not exactly a party town. You should head up north, to Vang Vieng instead.

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