Since yoga has been introduced to the west by the Indian gurus in the late 19th century, it became very popular in our society, as a system of physical exercise with a spiritual and meditative core. For some it is a fashionable trend, for others, yoga means a healthy lifestyle. No matter what the reason is, yoga has a very effective healing power and many studies suggest that long-term yoga practice helps to prevent many diseases, such as cancer, cardiovascular problems, and mental illnesses. Combined with meditation it can heal the wounds of grief, physical disability, and emotional trauma.

Serious yoga practitioners know the following scenes well. These are the TOP 5 Yoga Hits around the world.


Bali is a sacred paradise, where love and inspiration hit instantly on arrival. The interior of the island is covered with thick, lush vegetation, peace and serenity. Especially, Ubud has become famous for spiritual retreats and relaxation.

This small town in the middle of rainforest is yoga and meditation mecca, and a paradise for all eco-lovers, natural healers, and vegans. It is a perfect place to unwind, meditate and practice yoga, whether in the jungle or in the rice fields as the day begins and as it ends. Ubud`s yoga retreats are usually built in a very sophisticated way and with lots of style, suitable for both, beginners and advanced practitioners.



Explore the nature of movement and achieve peace of mind by the marvellous Mediterranean Sea.  there are countless yoga retreats – whether nestled in stunning Andalusia, situated in the charming region of Puglia, Sardinia, and Sicily, or on the ever-sunny islands of Greece.

From trendy venues and luxurious studios to the alternative yoga and meditation community training centres, especially, the novices will enjoy a nurturing escape in a pristine environment.  Experience the powerful fusion of yoga, healing movement, and rejuvenation practices, cleanse, detox and revitalize with relaxing, exercise and healthy food.



Australia is a country with a healthy lifestyle and it has some of the best yoga retreats in the Western world, providing classes for newcomers, workshops, and training for the serious yoga practitioners.

Byron Bay is Australia`s iconic spiritual destination. Its unconventional and eco-friendly soul and a unique location – squashed between the wide-open Pacific and cosy, green hinterlands – made it a perfect spot for yoga and meditation activities. This is a great place to get back in touch with yourself, relax and re-charge, feel the power of both ocean and bush.



For those who wish to take yoga to the next level, The Himalayas is surely the right destination. The birthplace of yoga is a mystic place, genuinely devoted to spirituality for centuries. The most valuable yoga experience can be gained in India and Nepal, there are myriads of reputed yoga and meditation retreats as well as ayurvedic and nature cure centres.

The Himalayas is a perfect location for the advanced yoga practitioners who will have a chance to get more knowledge about different types of yoga and let themselves be guided by the world`s best yoga teachers and gurus.



Another distinctive yoga adventure leads to Central America. Inspiring landscapes, exotic nature and the tranquil way of living in Costa Rica, Guatemala, Nicaragua, and Honduras resulted in creating some of the best locations to soothe one`s soul and recharge their batteries.

Each year hundreds of yogis attend the serene yoga studios on the Caribbean islands, incorporating the meditative practice into their vacations. The yoga studios in Latin America are generally fairly affordable, offering standard or tailored packages.

Besides, there are many combination courses, that mix yoga, meditation, spa and body wellness with surfing, snorkelling, diving or horse riding.  These packages give one the opportunity to interact with the local people, who live much simpler but happier life than the Western societies.



Canada`s spectacular landscapes are made to be used for relaxation and meditation. A large number of spiritual people seek peaceful forest environments to practise yoga and meditation instead of the beach. ‘Yoga in the Woods’ can be found on the Salt Spring Island, for instance. The island is well-known for a free-spirited community of artisans. Not far from Vancouver, yet it remains largely unpopulated, with natural forests, meadows, and lakes.

This is a real heaven for yoga lovers – wellness sanctuaries, wood-burning saunas, meditation sessions, hot yoga and outdoor yoga courses suitable for all levels of practitioners are available. The island`s pristine surroundings offer perfect conditions for secluded yoga retreats, including Moksha yoga, Kundalini yoga, hot yoga and other de-stress and detox relaxation programs, running all year round.


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