The scent of frangipani and burning incense, indulging spas, Balinese massage, palm-fringed stretches, sound of rolling surf delightfully blended with the rhythm of gamelan, endless supply of exotic fruit, infinity pools, seaside lounges, surreal sunsets, lazy days at the beach, balmy nights in style; Bali vibes truly make one fall in love..

Sadara Resort, Nusa Dua (most of the Balinese resorts offer wedding & honeymoon packages)


Although Bali is mainly associated with sea and sand there are many other ways to enjoy the romantic atmosphere, relax and fall in love. All you need is to recall Julia Roberts in the famed ‘Eat, Pray & Love’ film and everything instantly becomes clear; there is a jungle, rice fields, infinity pools, spa retreats, massage, yoga, meditation, spirituality and inviting foods to take pleasure in.

Hanging Gardens of Bali are No.1 when it comes to romantic vacation


Legian and Seminyak are famous twin-beachfront resorts in Bali that provide endless entertainment and friendly hospitality. Walking from Legian to Semyniak, it is a pleasant stroll along the beach dotted with chick sunset bars, resorts, shopping malls and seaside restaurants.

Expensive hotels, fine dining & pool lounges, spa and massage and great shops. Cocoon Beach Club and Potato Beach Club are amongst the coolest spots for both chill-out and romance.

Recommended Honeymoon Resorts in Legian & Seminyak:  Anantara Seminyak (USD 5oo+/night), The Legian In Seminyak (USD 5oo+/night), Padma Resort Legian (USD 3oo+/night), Bali Nikksoma Boutique Beach Resort (USD 4oo+/night)

Anantara Resort, romantic seaside dining in Seminyak


The earliest beach location in Bali is particularly popular with families and couples, for plenty of purpose-built attractions. Sanur is a complete opposite of Kuta; in terms of character and geographical position. Yet somehow they both are same busy.

Sanur is a vibrant coastal location with shops, holiday resorts, luxurious hotels, restaurants, swimming beaches, calm waters, pretty sunsets and charming waterfront promenades, and it feels quite safe to be here. Whether it is yoga, paddle boarding, swimming, museums or markets – there is something for everybody. Couples and young families will absolutely love Sanur.

Recommended Honeymoon Resorts in Sanur:  Segara Village Hotel (USD 4oo+/night), Kamuela Villas Sanur (USD 1oo+/night), Artotel Sanur (USD 1oo+/night), Manzelejepun Luxury Villa & Pavilion (USD 1oo+/night), Griya Santrian Beach Resort (USD 2oo+/night)

Sanur Beach is safe and clean, it is ideal for couples and families


Nusa Dua is a big Bali Tourism Development Corporation area. ‘Two Islands’ as the locals translate it, this artificially created paradise of Bali where you really do not need to worry about anything.

Opulence, security and indulgence are to be found in Nusa Dua. The enclave of hotels is defined by luxury at its best; massage and spa, fine dining, wedding functions and other high-class services.

Any resort in Nusa Dua will organize your very own, private wedding

Further south, Mengiat, Sawangan and Geger Beaches attract with their soft sands and in the north Benoa earned its fame for being the gateway to the surrounding islands of Nusa Penida & Nusa Lembongan. Nusa Dua is a perfect all-inclusive holiday location, proposal hub, wedding hotspot and honeymoon destination where you choose if to dress up or stay barefoot!

Recommended Honeymoon Resorts in Nusa Dua:  Mullia Villas (USD 9oo+/night), Hotel Nikko Benoa (USD 3oo+/night), Amarterra Villas (USD 6oo+/night), The Ayoda Palace (USD 6oo+/night), Sadara Boutique Resort (USD 4oo+/night)


Most of the upscale vacation resorts and private villas are located south of Nusa Dua (Mengiat, Sawangan and Geger Beaches). Sunset camel rides for couples are amongst the favourite attractions.

Geger Beach is dotted with 5-star holiday resorts with private strands that are perfect for a honeymoon


Formerly a tiny fishing village, Jimbaran has grown into a popular resort town dotted with world class beach resorts and hotels. Especially, on the ridges of high ground above Jimbaran Bay where the so-called “Beverly Hills of Bali” was born.

Delightfully calm ambience, peaceful beaches, white stretches, safe swimming, private villas, spas and seaside restaurants filled with tourists who relish the magnificent sunsets and fresh grilled seafood is what to encounter in Jimbaran Bay.

Although increasingly visited by the Western tourists Jimbaran is still fairly traditional location with lots of temples and sacred sites. It is an ideal spot if looking for seclusion and some relax with a bit of sophistication.

Recommended Honeymoon Resorts in Jimbaran Bay:  Ayana Resort (USD 3oo+/night), Four Seasons Jimbaran Bay (USD 7oo+/night), Jamahal Private Resort and Spa (USD 4oo+/night)

Bali is renowned for spa and massage, the Jimbaran Bay resorts have their own outdoor wellness centres


Stop by at Tegal Wangi, with its high cliffs, verdant slopes, crystal-clear turquoise waters and white sand decoration, surely will impress anyone. Ayana Beach Resort is one of the most spectacular ones in the area.

Ayana Beach Resort, Tegal Wangi


Fans of rugged natural beauty, beach and chill out will definitely get their satisfaction anywhere in Bukit Peninsula, where Uluwatu is the highlight. The wild surf of the Indian Ocean, golden sands, forested hills, temple-topped cliffs, secluded resorts, dramatic sunsets and phenomenal views – these are just some of the attributes of the southernmost coastline of Bali.

Driving a scooter from Jimbaran Bay to Uluwatu is the best way to explore the coastline; Balangan Beach, Dreamland Beach, Padang Padang Beach, Bingin Beach and Uluwatu are paradisiacal beaches ideal for walking and surfing.

Ungasan Karma Kandara Clifftop Resort offers the ultimate beach-seclusion, Uluwatu

Apart from laid-back warungs, cosy cafes, stylish pool lounges with great views and beach lifestyle Uluwatu is also famous for its outstanding cliff temple, monkeys and traditional ‘Kecak’ dance performances at sunset – a perfect way to spend a couple-night.

Recommended Honeymoon Resorts in Uluwatu: Ungasan Karma Kandara Uluwatu (USD 5oo+/night), Morbido Art Cliff (USD 5oo+/night), Bulgari Resorts Bukit Peninsula (USD 7oo+/night), Anantara Uluwatu (USD 4oo+/night)


Padang Padang Beach has gained huge popularity after Julia Roberts took the famous love story scene when filming the blockbuster Eat Pray Love in 2009.

Padang Padang Beach became famous for ‘Eat, Pray & Love’ and it truly is a romantic spot


Another ‘Eat, Pray & Love’ filming location – Ubud is an extraordinary place indeed. The ‘jungle town’ has become a trendy hotspot with a large community of international artists, free spirits, vegans and organic food lovers and fans of the eco-friendly environment.

Besides, it is a perfect hideaway for all nature-loving couples who look for the tranquil vibe and serene environment. It is hard to say whether it was the memoir by American author Elizabeth Gilbert or Julia Roberts what made Ubud so outstanding, or perhaps it is simply the place itself..

Ubud is nestled amid lush verdant jungles and picturesque rice fields, Samaya Resort Ubud

Ubud is not only alternative-friendly but also it offers some of the greatest luxury on earth – luxury one of a kind. ‘Hanging Gardens Resort’ is probably the best example of what Ubud in Style means. The world`s famous infinity pools in the middle of jungle speak for themselves.

One can choose from a wide variety of stylish resorts, eco-lodges and private pool villas, tree houses, secluded estates – all built in Balinese design amid the rice fields or the rainforest.

Recommended Honeymoon Resorts in Ubud: Hanging Gardens of Bali (USD 6oo+/night), Viceroy Bali (USD 5oo+/night), Four Seasons Ubud (USD 5oo+/night), Samaya Resort Ubud (USD 5oo+/night)

The Hanging Gardens Resort, Ubud


The nearby offshore island of Nusa Lembongan is becoming increasingly popular with couples. Much quieter and less visited than Bali itself, the isles present delightful beach escapes with a bit of luxury.

Recommended Honeymoon Resorts in Nusa Penida & Lembongan:  Padma Kumala Lembongan (USD 1oo+/night), Point Lembongan (USD 2oo+/night), Batu Karang Lembongan Resort and Day Spa (USD 6oo+/night)

Nusa Penida is increasingly popular for quiet beaches and pristine nature


Another fabulous option is the idyllic Gili Islands – with no roads and no traffic the atolls make an ultimate tropical hideaway. Although the archipelago is closer to Lombok than to Bali, it is well-connected to Bali via a speedboat.

Gili Meno is the honeymoon hotspot, and the islet can be walked around in just 2  hours. It makes a fabulous hideaway for couples.

Recommended Honeymoon Resorts in Gili Meno:  Mahamaya Gili Meno (USD 3oo+/night), Avia Villa Resort (USD 4oo+/night), Karma Reef (USD 2oo+/night), Kura Kura Beach Resort (USD 15o+/night), Seri Resort (USD 2oo+/night)

Gili Meno is one of the top 10 honeymoon destinations in Indonesia


Best time to visit Bali is between May-October, in the dry season. Especially, fans of beach, diving and snorkelling will enjoy the clear, calm waters and bright skies in these months. The peak season is June-September, the prices go up and hotels fully booked.

Nevertheless, Bali is as enjoyable during the wet season provided you travel for relax and fun. With lower prices and pleasant temperatures, the rainy months (Dec-Feb) will definitely not prevent you from enjoying the magical Bali vibes.


Fly to Denpasar.

Use the reliable Bluebird Taxi services at the airport to bring you to your hotel (unless pre-arranged).

For all international flights visit or

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