Nevertheless, the Southern Lowlands are paradise for botanists and zoologists, for it is right here where one can enjoy the best bird watching, jungle trekking and eco-tours in the whole country. There are numerous expeditions which can be arranged in Port Moresby.  The swampy southern shores are fringed by stilt villages;  the unpredictable climate conditions frequently force them to move their homes around.

Port Moresby is the gateway to the Southern Lowlands of Papua New Guinea, and you will need to arrange an eco-tour.

Traditional stilt houses in the Gulf province

Traditional stilt houses in the Gulf province


SAGO – try this delicious staple food extracted from tropical palm stems. Taste its sweet flavour and learn how to make it. A starch obtained from the trunk of the sago palm tree by washing the starch kernels out of the pulverized pith with water. Very interesting procedure indeed.

Making Sago

LAKEKAMU BASIN –  off the beaten track, it is a 2.500 square kilometre expanse of untouched alluvial rainforest that takes in the mountains of the Morobe province through lowlands teeming with exotic fruit plantations and swampy plains. The biological diversity here is absolutely miraculous! Look for the rare Blue Crowned Pigeon and Soft-shell Turtle or the beautiful Cendrawasih (the bird of paradise)

The rare Blue Crowned Pigeon, Gulf of Papua

MOALE FESTIVAL – visit this radiant festival celebrated by the Motu people. It is held every September and it is the most important event in the district. It honours the ancient Hiri trade from the pre-colonial times and the locals create the “lagotoi” canoes and sail westwards into the Gulf of Papua to trade clay pots for sago. (see TOP PAPUAN FESTIVALS)

Moale Festival


Port Moresby is one of the most dangerous cities in the world and going out after dark without a local company is not recommended.

It is always advisable to inquire about the safety situation in Papua New Guinea or in any location you intend to visit due to criminal gangs and tribal conflicts.

Malaria pills and vaccination against the Yellow Fever is strongly recommended and some countries such as Australia even request all visitors get immunised prior to the entry to PNG.

Everyday life in the stilt villages, Motu people


Generally, the most pleasant time of the year to visit Port Moresby is during the dry months which are between May and October and most festivals take place within this period and there are the best conditions for scuba diving, bird watching and trekking.


There are two Australian airlines that fly into Port Moresby – Virgin Australia and Qantas.

You can get affordable flights but there will be two or three stopovers: London-Singapore-Brisbane-Papua New Guinea.

For all international flights go to or

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