Hugged by the Indian Ocean, the imposing island of Sumatra lies on the Ring of Fire, where several tectonic plates are jostling together, causing violent volcanic activity. Geologically, it is the most unstable of all Indonesian islands – earthquake and tsunami is a constant peril. Over the countless volcanoes, there is always the fear of the big one – Krakatau.

Nevertheless, Sumatra is like a magnet for adventurers and nature lovers. Green, lush and sweltering, the island supports the world`s third greatest coverage of the rainforest. Diversity here is immense, ranging from tigers, leopards, apes, elephants and rhinos to primitive tribes which still inhabit the deep Sumatran jungles – not willing to change much about their way of life.

The Indian Ocean provides Sumatra with a striking coastline, and the beaches here are simply divine; sugar-soft white sands are picturesquely decorated by coconut palms, and the powerful ocean swells create the ultimate surfer`s paradise. Sumatran landscapes, wildlife, ethnic minorities and traditional architecture are beautiful beyond compare, however, the splendour is living in the shadow of the ominous volcanic cones.

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