Often bypassed by travellers, the alluring islands of Nusa Tenggara comfortably sitting between the Indian Ocean and the Flores Sea, are shaded by their famed relatives Bali, Java and Borneo. Nevertheless, this virgin archipelago veils something which has been wiped out on the surrounded islands by tourism long time ago. – authenticity.

This is not a destination for a quick weekend away, not even a place for indulgent holidays. Nusa Tenggara is an adventurous “off the beaten track” destination. The relative inaccessibility of these exotic islands makes it often difficult to travel, yet it is well-worth of the effort.

Nusa Tenggara is divided into two separate territories: West Nusa Tenggara, including the islands of Lombok (that we dedicated a separate page since the island is not anymore considered to be “isolated” due to fast-growing tourism) and Sumbawa – both Islamic. East Nusa Tenggara consists of more than 500 individual islands, out of which only some are open to foreigners. The dominant ones are Flores, Sumba, West Timor and the more known Komodo Islands. Surprisingly enough, the predominant religion on these islands is Roman Catholicism.

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