Only a stone`s throw away from Bali, a lately discovered island draws more and more visitors each year. Dominated by majestic volcanoes and fringed with the astounding coastline, Lombok is a booming travel destination.

While the northern regions boast, rice fields, mountains, forests and waterfalls, Southern Lombok is the place to be if you fancy beach and surf. For fewer crowds, lower prices and striking coastline, Lombok`s southern coast is a serious rival to Bali. 

Selong Belanak Beach, Southern Lombok

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On the way to Kuta, you will pass numerous traditional Sasak villages with their characteristic grass-roofed-houses. Life here is quite naive and simple. Surrounded by fields of tobacco, sweet potato and cassava, there are working people and cattle everywhere.

Mostly threading and weaving, creating pottery or spending long days on the rice fields, just like their ancestors used to do centuries ago. Only little has changed since then and Sade is a perfect example of such “living museum” of a traditional village.

Sade village

Sade village


Arriving in Kuta, quite different scenery appears. Dream beaches are dotted with silken, white sands while the azure sea is hiding colourful coral gardens and abundant marine life.

The southern coast of Lombok is something to look at with lots of delight. Driving along the coastline, you will find secluded emerald lagoons squashed amid the wild open Indian Ocean stretches; Kuta is Indonesia`s new surfers` hotspot and excellent diving location.

Holidaymakers can happily enjoy the placid coastal way of life, and if getting bored, there is a great adventure is just around the corner – the isolated hill-tribe villages offer an insight into the local Sasak culture.

Kuta is the beach icon of Lombok


The only (and most flexible) way to travel around Kuta is to rent a scooter. The tourist development is fast growing since Kuta-Lombok has beaten the popularity of Kuta-Bali a while ago. You will find here surprisingly clean and stylish beach accommodation and nice seaside ‘warungs’ serving grilled fish and seafood. The town centre is easy to walk but if you want to see the best of Kuta you will have to drive outside the town.

Tanjung Aan Lagoon

Tanjung Aan Lagoon

The glorious bays of Seger and Tanjung Aan to the east of Kuta, the thriving fishing village of Awak will blow your mind away.

West of Kuta, there is another bunch of phenomenal beaches to search around: Are Goleng and Selong Belanak, Mawun Tampa, Mawi and Rowok are surely the best-kept secrets of the southern coastline.

One will easily get lost here in the network of narrow, unpaved and unmarked lanes, leading to these paradisiacal bays. It is not easy to find them, but once there you will see that it was worth the efforts!

Mawun Beach


Surfers would typically head straight away towards the south-east coast, to the well-known Awang Bay to catch the wave of their life. The experienced scuba divers will want to set out on a trip to the Belongas Bay in the west of Kuta so they can explore “The Magnet” of the open ocean to see if they are lucky enough to spot a school of the Hammerhead Sharks or the gigantic Manta Rays.

Belongas Bay, The Magnet


1.Learn to surf on the main Kuta Beach, ideal for the beginners

2.Book a day trip to Gili Nanngu, Tangkong and Sudak and discover one of the best snorkelling locations in Lombok

3.Dive into the famous under ocean “Magnet”- the favourite diving spot in Belongas Bay (advanced open water divers only)

4.Cultural encounter in traditional villages of Sade (pottery, threading, weaving)

5.Get lost around Kuta (on a scooter) and uncover its hidden lagoons

6.Spend a relaxing evening at one of the beachfront taverns of Kuta and taste the yummy Muslim food while watching the sunset (Sasak cuisine is very HOT!)

Rowok Beach


Lombok is a Muslim enclave and travellers should remain dressed appropriately. Especially, the females need to be careful about what they are wearing to avoid uncomfortable situations. Remember that Lombok is not (yet) like Bali and local people are not that open-minded about the dress code, not to mention that the Islamic beliefs are very conservative.


If you are after sunshine, heat and powerful surf, the best time is the dry season (June-September), but it often gets extremely hot and dry. Scuba divers will want to arrive in the months of March-June or October-November, for the best underwater visibility and calm waters.

Kuta Lombok, the surfer`s paradise                                                                                                   


Fly to Bali/Denpasar.

Take a Perama shuttle bus to Padang Bai, from where a speedboat will bring you to Lombok/Senggigi. Alternatively, you can have a stopover in the Gili Islands on your way if time allows before you arrive in Senggigi.

There is an international airport in Lombok/Mataram as well, but the flights tend to be quite costly.

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