Magnificent Vistas. Dramatic landscapes. Mystic scenery. Astonishing limestone formations. Cascading rice terraces. Remote hill tribe villages. Dizzying colours of the local markets; this is Northern Vietnam. “The shining jewel of the country” is stretching along the southern border of China and the strong Chinese influence distinctly reflects in design, art, food, culture and moral ethics. In spite of the growing tourism industry, the province`s authenticity and originality surprisingly endure.

Northern Vietnam is unquestionably the favourite amongst all regions, for its natural beauty, abundant wildlife and incredible ethnic diversity. Its remote setting, traditional lifestyle and well-preserved culture promote an attractive collection that inspires the visitors from every corner of the world.

Sea enthusiasts and travellers looking for an oasis to unwind will find their satisfaction in the eternally emerald waters of Ha Long Bay. Its uniquely shaped limestone ridges, hidden coves, echoing caves and white sandy beaches have been the inspiration for dozens of legends and poems since ever.

Adventure seekers and fans of nature might want to set out on a journey to the far north of the country, where the region is mostly wild and inaccessible, defined by a mosaic of ethnic tribes, with extraordinary trekking opportunities taking one far off the beaten path.

Visitors interested in history and culture will not leave disappointed, either. Hanoi is an ideal place where to learn more about the country in every aspect. This engaging capital of Vietnam provides a full-scale assault on senses; buzzing motorbikes, delicious street food, lively markets and ancient monuments. Hanoi is the cultural heart of Vietnam with a beguiling atmosphere.

Every food lover will find “Heaven on Earth” in the diversity of the Vietnamese cuisine, which is greatly admired for its fresh ingredients, beautiful textures, reliance on herbs and vegetables, and it is considered to be one of the healthiest and most delicious in the world.




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