Not far from Bali, encircled by majestic fuming cones in the north and unspoiled beaches in the south, there sits the astounding island of Lombok. It considerably differs from its Buddhist-Hindu neighbour Bali, with Islamic culture, lots of wide-open spaces, untamed nature, less traffic and still relatively undeveloped tourism infrastructure.

Lombok`s northern territory is dominated by the eerie bulk Mount Rinjani (3726 m) – the second highest volcano of Indonesia. Climbing the summit of this giant, that is almost always wrapped in clouds, is one of the main reasons why visitors come to the island. The second most popular destination is the southern area, called Kuta and it is the surfer`s and beach lover`s paradise.

A very important part of eco-tourism in Lombok is the culture itself. The native people of Lombok, Sasaks, are a very distinctive ethnic group with ancient traditions. Vibrant markets, fisherman villages, lovely food, the worldwide reputed Lombok pottery and other handcraft have had significant importance for the Sasak people for centuries.

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